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VO4TA: Stresses


The word “until” has a fairly consistent rhythm of stresses. “un-TIL”.  So does “AN-ger”.  And “per-MIS-sion”. We know and hear these words often. So they roll out easy.


VO4TA: Value


Adding something is easy: adding value is hard.  So, are you adding value to the idea in the audition?


(Once again - I’m trying to explain the way things sound in a tiny little space).


VO4TA: Deprivation


Acting is a business of deprivation.  It puts everyone involved in it at some point in a state where they just don’t know where the next dollar is coming from.  Those highs and lows are the nature of the beast and you need to learn to manage it.  

VO4TA: Lately


Lately I’ve stopped taking my own advice.  There was a Times article about the value of self-talk that Nicole Blackman sent me.  (Yes THAT Nicole Blackman - as if there WERE any other...)  Maybe I should start directing myself out loud, I don’t know.   

VO4TA: Logline


In my first podcast interview (for anything actually) the inestimable Matty Blake asked me - “If you had to write a logline for your classes - what would it be?”

I didn’t even know what a logline was…  

VO4TA: Calling


“What in your life is calling you?

When all the noise is silenced..."

VO4TA: Research


What can you research for a commercial read?   


Current headlines about a corporation.  Volkswagen and diesel?  Or Apple’s seeming “lack of innovation”?  How will the audition you have today burnish their image?

VO4TA: Pick Up


I’m going to go out on a limb here…

If someone teaches you that saying the words “pick up” when you make a mistake in an audition is “the thing to do”; they are just wrong. 

VO4TA: Some of the Best Things


Some of the best things about voiceover...

Your audition scripts are often small.

You don't have to memorize them.

VO4TA: Guess


I've got 300 blog posts, 11 years of casting and 7 years of teaching and I won't give you an absolute.   


An educated guess is still just that; a guess.  

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