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VO4TA: Pet Peeves


ACTOR: What bothers you that an actor does….  Well, I guess I’m saying, when an actor comes in to audition for you - are there things you don’t like that they sometimes do?


HPK: You mean - what are my “pet peeves”?

VO4TA: NPR Ear Training Guide


This is the coolest thing I’ve seen online in a long time.  


The NPR Ear Training Guide for Audio Producers


It is a page that simply but specifically talks about different recording problems, editing problems and mixing problems.  


VO4TA: Napoleon's Clothes


If you were on stage playing say, Napoleon inevitably you’d need to strike his classic portrait pose; hand on the abdomen with fingertips just inside the buttons. Costumed correctly, the coat and everything about the uniform, (hat, breeches, etc.) would be there.

VO4TA: Wrap Around


Commercial Feedback on Monday February 20th!  7 to 9. Only four spots left! Please take a look and tell a friend.


And SAG /AFTRA Class Thursday February 16th! If you are a member - check it out!


Here’s a technique I don’t think I’ve talked about.  


VO4TA: Announcers, Narrators and Comment


February Class on the 20th!  Monday night 7 to 9.  Spots going fast!  Please take a look and tell a friend.  


It's a bit of a disservice that the character we cast most often is still called "announcer" or "announcer VO" (AVO).  It's a holdover from a different era of commercial writing. 

VO4TA: Demo Related Questions


When was the first time you were asked for a demo?  By whom? Why? What is the relationship between demos and auditions?

VO4TA: Slating


ACTOR: I mean I was there! I actually saw a producer just listen “slate, slate, slate, slate...” Nothing else.


HPK:  I’ve heard of that, too.

VO4TA: A Master List


(Please let me know, Gentle Reader, if I miss anything…)


In voiceover you make money doing…


Commercials, Promos, Affiliates, Imaging, Politicals, Narration, Audiobooks, Animation, Video Games, Movie and DVD Trailers, E learning and Training, Industrials, Messages On Hold, Interactive Voice Response, ADR / Dubbing, Looping and Live Announce.

VO4TA: More Gear


I’ve been thinking about the last ten years I’ve been doing this strange day gig.  Not many people get to be a voice casting director for “a leading bi-coastal talent agency” for as long as I have.  Not in this day and age.  Go listen to my interview here for more.  It’s halfway down the page.

VO4TA: Clarity for character


HPK VO Rule No. 23: “Never sacrifice clarity for character”.


Direction will screw you up, if you let it.  And direction that requests extremes in the performance of the read will distract you from putting an idea over clearly.