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VO4TA: Fads vs Trends


"A fad is a wave in the ocean. A trend is the tide." - The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout


VO4TA: Guinness Records


So in the late 70s John Moschitta, Jr. became the Guinness Record holder for the fastest talking man, being able to articulate 586 words a minute. The average is about 2 a second - 120 a minute give or take.


VO4TA: The Second Thing


I once asked a costume designer about their favorite design.  Their response: Gone With The Wind.  (Ask someone about their favorite ‘thing’ and you’ll immediately get an answer).  Then I asked: “Okay - what’s your second favorite?”  He took a moment.  “Blade Runner” was the response. (It’s so interesting to watch people think, answer and say why).  


VO4TA: Courage


It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.

  • Erma Bombeck


Isn't that what auditioning is?  

VO4TA: The Guts


I admire the guts it takes to be an actor.  The courage to live the awkward tangled-up lives that result from the decision: "I want to be a  professional actor. A working actor."

VO4TA: Summer Reading


Gentle Reader - I downloaded SimplyE for the NYPL System about a month ago.  And not only will never visit a physical library again (kidding)  - I absolutely will make a donation to keep programs like this one going (truth). It lets you check out eBooks with your library card! (What?) Genius!

VO4TA: The Truth


A very talented woman I made an acquaintance with a few years ago asked me to listen to her demo.  She’d played it for the guys at the radio station where she’d interned a few years back and they had said it was good.  


VO4TA: Build


So, I’m working with an actor - and I see the spec say “exciting and fast paced with a build”.  


And I forgot something.

VO4TA: Editorialize


My most FAQ of late:  When people come in to read - what bothers you the most?


Here’s one - Editorializing….   

VO4TA: React


Way back in September 2013, I pulled this quote from my blogging hero, Seth Godin.   


“The easiest thing to do is react.  The second easiest thing to do is respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate”.  

- Seth Godin