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VO4TA: Three of a Kind


Threes are in a lot of places: “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”, three branches of government, the strength of the triangle in architecture, a group of three atoms in the covalent bond H20...


Pull ten random pieces of commercial copy and you will find groups of three maybe eight out of ten times.  But they can be very different...

VO4TA: Artistry, work and other thoughts


My Grandfather told me when I was too young to understand it - “One thing I’ve learned: it’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” He said it so it didn’t sound anything like a cliche. 

VO4TA: Simple


The simplest things make the difference.


You got an audition today? Fine.


You can send in the audition? Good.  Label it with your working name and the project name, not the default file name your gear puts on it.

VO4TA: Lines and Spaces


The formatting of lines on voiceover copy does not adhere to the specific formatting rules of scriptwriting.  Therefore they can be all over the place. Punctuation is suspect too, because there are often unnecessary artifacts (ellipses, especially) from the copying and pasting of lines from storyboards.

VO4TA: Transition


The good news is that we have grown!  And to speak to that growth we are are in a state of transition here at VO4TA. 

VO4TA: Voice vs Read


HPK VO Rule No. 2:  Voiceover is far more about your read and much less about your vocal quality.


I hear many more actors with unremarkable voices work day in and day out than actors gifted with great, unique voices.  Truth.

VO4TA: Steve Martin


“Side Effects by Steve Martin”


“DOSAGE: take two tablets every six hours for joint pain.”

VO4TA: Pet Peeves


ACTOR: What bothers you that an actor does….  Well, I guess I’m saying, when an actor comes in to audition for you - are there things you don’t like that they sometimes do?


HPK: You mean - what are my “pet peeves”?

VO4TA: NPR Ear Training Guide


This is the coolest thing I’ve seen online in a long time.  


The NPR Ear Training Guide for Audio Producers


It is a page that simply but specifically talks about different recording problems, editing problems and mixing problems.  


VO4TA: Napoleon's Clothes


If you were on stage playing say, Napoleon inevitably you’d need to strike his classic portrait pose; hand on the abdomen with fingertips just inside the buttons. Costumed correctly, the coat and everything about the uniform, (hat, breeches, etc.) would be there.

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