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VO4TA: Never Indicate


The fanboy in me really likes the moment captured in this panel discussion…


VO4TA: Scratch


Here’s the funny thing about scratch tracks.


They are usually bad.  

VO4TA: Inflect


Friend of mine said once: “The only thing I ever learned in a private VO lesson was when saying a list of three things: say it like this - ‘One, TWO, three…’ ”  

VO4TA: Accent Reduction


I don’t teach this - but I like this interview.  (On Lifehacker, no less.)

VO4TA: Sunk Costs


In economics and business, a sunk cost is a cost that has been incurred and cannot be recovered.  


What are the sunk costs in voiceover?

VO4TA: The Eclipse


I hate writing: “I can’t write anything about it, because you had to be there” - but I really don’t have the words. And when I have spoken about it, one friend said: “Seeing you struggle to say what it was like, really says everything.”

VO4TA: Announcers, Narrators and Comment


It's a bit of a disservice that the character we cast most often is still called "announcer" or "announcer VO" (AVO).  It's a holdover from a different era of commercial writing.  

VO4TA: Slating


ACTOR: I mean I was there! I actually saw a producer just listen “slate, slate, slate, slate...” Nothing else.


HPK:  I’ve heard of that, too.


VO4TA: Throwing It Away


The direction ‘throwing it away’ makes the read casual and relatable by:

1. Making the rhythm of the sound more loose and hence more conversational

VO4TA: Thought of the Day


Don’t make a meal out of a snack.