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VO4TA: A Reader Question


A question by a reader - and not just any reader.  John Florian runs Voice Over Xtra and has been kind enough to syndicate my column on his site!



I collect quotes.  

Here's one that crossed my mind tonight.  

VO4TA: In Your Own Head


We spend our time hearing our voices through the structure of our skulls - not only in the open air.  

This is why when I was three I was convinced my cousin's tape recording of me was not my voice.  Nothing he said could convince me otherwise.  

VO4TA: Habits


Habits are a process, not an event.  And it takes more than three weeks.  

Now backed by - SCIENCE!  

VO4TA: On Mic VO


My original URL for this blogging thing was  

(I still own it.  I'll let it die in 2015.)

I like VO4TA better.  

VO4TA: Free? The "Audacity"!


Audacity is a free piece of software that allows you to edit multitrack audio very very easily. Even easier than Garage Band.  For the neophyte I often suggest Audacity.  (Especially for the PC.)

VO4TA: The Audiobook - No. 1


The first thing I'd like to say about audiobooks is that they're slower than you think.  

At least they always seem that way to me.

VO4TA: Mister Loof Lirpa and Operation Clambake


I am in the process of developing a class specifically for the Stay at Home Trailer Park Mom with a heavy regional accent who has been told their entire life they have a Good Voice.  

VO4TA: Phones On or Off


Frequently a new actor will say "Do I NEED to wear the headphones? I don't want to.  I can hear myself BREATHING!"  

VO4TA: Plosive "P"


Plosives are popping "P" sounds.  Or most accurately a "voiceless bilabial stop".