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VO4TA: Haiku Analysis - No. 2


Where we continue the analysis of the first official Voice Over for the Actor haiku. (Any other poetry thus far has been accidental)

VO4TA: Haiku Analysis - No. 1


"Fool! VO is not

Decoration on the text

Nor sound from the mouth!"

What does this really mean?  

VO4TA: You Have No Auditions Today...


You have no auditions today, so:   

You can prep your taxes.  Really prep them.  Not just think about prepping them.


VO4TA: Perfect


Seth Godin recently wrote:  "As creators, our pursuit of perfection might be misguided, particularly if it comes at the expense of the things that matter."

VO4TA: Haiku


Haiku to the drunk party guest who always asks:  

"So, can I get into Voice Over? People always tell me I have a good voice!"

VO4TA: Let the Games Begin


I'm teaching the first of my classes this year.  

Commercial Voice Over for the Actor 

Four Saturdays - January 25th, February 1st, 8th and 15th.

1 to 3 PM.  

The link to the full description is here

VO4TA: Mailbag


Re: VO4TA: An Intern Story

although your former intern could have developed friendships with agents and casting directors in her time at the agency - and if they fell in love with her, they might have been likely to get her auditions and meetings!  just a thought. for the most part, i entirely agree, though!

Max J.   

VO4TA: An Intern Story


So, an old intern of mine hit me up letting me know she had the chance to interview as an assistant at a talent agency.  She'd learn the names of working actors, the projects they were on and the people that hired them  (producers, etc.)  And she'd be great at the admin job - but it in itself would never lead to acting (which was her ultimate goal).  

VO4TA: Aristotle


I told my thoughts on slating to an actor and later they said it sounded like Aristotle.

VO4TA: Tempo - No. 1


Tempo of a read (faster or slower) is controlled by the pace of the cadence of its syllables and by the length of the spaces between sentences, phrases and words.  It’s an invisible art and so very effective at changing the emotional intent of a read.