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VO4TA: The King's Speech


Remember the bit at the beginning where the announcer holds up his fingers to the microphone?  

VO4TA: Going All The Way!


When actors make a mistake four lines into a sixteen line script, they will often go back to the beginning and start again.  

This is counterproductive.  

VO4TA: Script First


When given copy - there are two components.  The direction (we call it spec) and the script (we call it copy).

The spec is usually at the top of the page.  It tells you the way they (a producer, for example) want it to sound.

VO4TA: Pronunciations


In copy, we are confronted with language, titles, character names or other words we don't know or we've never said aloud.   I believe it's important to try and find the correct pronunciation ourselves rather than abdicate that responsibility to someone else.  

VO4TA: Your Ex


Looking at old copy is like trying to get back together with your ex: You're never going to get everything you want out of it.  Good or bad, right or wrong - it just won't ever be the same.

VO4TA: Bulova Time


From Wikipedia:  “The first television advertisement was broadcast in the United States on July 1, 1941. The watchmaker Bulova paid $9 for a placement on New York station WNBT before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. The 10-second spot displayed a picture of a clock superimposed on a map of the United States, accompanied by the voice-over ‘America runs on Bulova time.’”   

VO4TA: Conversational


The word conversational is probably the most common word in voice over spec.  

VO4TA: The Waiting Room - No. 2


Etiquette matters.  And there are rules.  Unwritten rules that are passed from actor to actor.

VO4TA: The Waiting Room - No. 1


I've seen waiting rooms as lively as cocktail hours and others as silent as libraries.  Some welcoming and warm as pre school.  Others loud and uncomfortable as abattoirs. And sometimes as aromatic.

VO4TA: The Demo - No. 2


Do not sell yourself short by being too many things at one time.