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VO4TA: The Celebrity - No. 1


Actor:  I had always thought it was star-fucking.

HPK:  Well, yeah.  To some degree.  You can’t deny it.

Actor:  But it's not just that.

HPK:  No?  Alright, then what?

VO4TA: Workflow


Agents are constantly looking for opportunities for their existing client base and helping those clients participate in those opportunities.  That’s the job.

VO4TA: Not For You


In a world where music can be as diverse as Robert Fripp, Wolfgang Mozart, Ani DiFranco, Steve Sondheim and more...

VO4TA: Marilyn


Marilyn Monroe on sexy: "Sometimes I’m thinking of men. Other times I’m thinking of some man in particular. It’s easier to look sexy when you’re thinking of some man in particular."

VO4TA: The $10,000.00 Thermos


Coffee.  I even love the word. "Cawffeee."

VO4TA: Don't Trust Yourself


Don't trust yourself.  Take notes before you go.


VO4TA: Where Dreams Die


Actor:  "So - I was thinking about getting into voice over."

HPK:  "Oh, yeah? Cool!"

VO4TA: The King's Speech


Remember the bit at the beginning where the announcer holds up his fingers to the microphone?  

VO4TA: Going All The Way!


When actors make a mistake four lines into a sixteen line script, they will often go back to the beginning and start again.  

This is counterproductive.  

VO4TA: Script First


When given copy - there are two components.  The direction (we call it spec) and the script (we call it copy).

The spec is usually at the top of the page.  It tells you the way they (a producer, for example) want it to sound.

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