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VO4TA: Shorter is Harder


The easiest thing to do is react.  The second easiest thing to do is respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate.  

- Seth Godin

He's great.  You should read him if you get a chance.

VO4TA: No, it's not.


A commercial is not a promo. 

A narration is not an audiobook.

An animation is not a video game.

And an actor is not necessarily a voice actor.

VO4TA: The Demo - No. 1


So - you wanna make a demo?  Cool.

VO4TA: Understand The Way They Want It Done


Acting is a service.  And your audition (if that’s a demo, a headshot, a go see, a reel, voice over, monologue, song, on camera etc.) shows what you are capable of bringing at that moment specifically to the project.  

VO4TA: Acting Alone


Isn't that what you're really doing in the audition?  

No guarantee of a guide.  No one to reassure you.  To keep you on point.  In focus.  On the ball.  

All the more reason to understand what you are going to do when you pull that trigger.

VO4TA: The General Rules



These are the General Rules for recording an MP3 outside of a casting office.  These rules presume you already read and record well.

Follow them unless told otherwise.


VO4TA: I Let Them Go First


My job is to help the actor do what they do better. Not for them to do what I tell them to.  So I listen and work from there.

I let the actor go first...

VO4TA: Read Every Damn Word On The Page



I could just stop there and it would cover an entire post.

But I'll elaborate...


VO4TA: The Competition


Before my first audition for anything, I was told this by my private teacher.

It was maybe two minutes filled with more truth than a fifteen year old could hear, but I never forgot it...

VO4TA: Decide Who You Are Talking To


One of the very first directions given in the booth is "talk to one person." 

I clarify it by saying:  For example, there is a big difference, for me, between talking to my father and talking to my brother...