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VO4TA: Noises


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VO4TA: Noises 

Take off any outerwear before you get in the booth.  


Also, lose your jangly bracelets.  And your loud mechanical watches.  While you’re at it, drop your phone outside the door. Make sure your iPad is silenced.   


And when you move your arms to put passion in that political read, keep them a little away from your sides so the fabric doesn’t rub against itself. And don’t thump the copy stand.  Or bang the headphone cable against the mic stand.  


See where all this is going?  


The only way to guarantee to not make extraneous noise in the booth is to leave everything that makes those noises outside.  

And then you need to practice doing everything you need to do to get to the read without doing anything at all that makes extra noise.    

Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


June dates added!  Details here!




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