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Way back in June 2015 (I really thought it was longer) I boldly announced “Conversational Is Dead”.


Quote: ‘The directions “conversational” and “not announcery” have been forever replaced by the word “real”!’


And now I have been informed that the word replacing “real”, which replaced “conversational”, which replaced “not announcery” is “normal”.  


“We are looking for a normal people read.”


(Please imagine me taking in a slow, deep breath and releasing a cleansing sigh, Gentle Reader.  Thank you.  Going on now…)


Normal. What do I think of that? I think normal people don’t do well in commercials. I think that copy is too well written to be inhabited without intention. (No, that’s not sarcasm.) I think that regular people are remarkable in life and not usually interesting in the micro form of a ninety second web spot or a fifteen second cut down. Especially when they’re being “normal.”


No, I think it’s the wrong word to use. I think that direction should show context. If you want to read to sound ‘wry’ or ‘quirky’ or ‘warm’ tell us who the announcer is in relation to the copy. Tell us how the voice is juxtaposed against the image. Tell us how the voice functions in the spot where we narrate the story, where we provide context, what is our point of view...


Normal? Not enough. But will we work with that idea? Of course we will.      


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


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