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VO4TA: Touching

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VO4TA: Touching


I am in studios a lot.  Usually my own.

But I do get out.  I like seeing other people work.  And then I am their guest.  A guest in their house.  


And as a guest, I find myself fighting the impulse to make myself at home: meaning, I fight a compulsion to touch their stuff.  I just naturally want to touch the mic or the stand, because I am used to it and know how and I know I won’t mess it up.  

Gentle reader, allow me to assure you of this: if you want to piss off an engineer faster than taking your next breath - touch the mic with your naked, sweaty hand without permission.  


In other words; you are looking to avoid the after-you-leave  “Yeah - they were so nice, then they started moving stuff around...”  comment.   


Want to know what I do?  I put my hands in my pockets and remember when my mother said to me:  “It’s not yours.  So don’t touch anything!”


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


It’s the same kind of rule Anthony Bourdain has for kitchen knives, “Don’t touch my knife - don’t touch my d*%k!”   


May 8th and May 15th: Commercial Critique Workshop  Details here!


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