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VO4TA: Build

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VO4TA: Build


So, I’m working with an actor - and I see the spec say “exciting and fast paced with a build”.  


And I forgot something.

I saw “build” and “fast” and I thought to myself the way to execute that “build” was with increased speed.  Fortunately the actor I was working with didn’t make that mistake.  


What I forgot was that a build does not involve just an increase of cadential tempo. A build is about expression and tempo, about articulation and tempo, about emphasis and tempo, about the expression of punctuation, a rise of emotional enthusiasm, an elevation of pitch and an increase of tempo. In fact a build is about any of these ideas and not just about reading faster.  


If a “build” was just about speed, legal reads would be the most exciting reads you’d ever hear.


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Commercial Voiceover Weekend Intensive July 15 - 16!  Details here!  


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