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VO4TA: Definitions

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VO4TA: Definitions


If you are mispronouncing a word - ask yourself: Do I really understand what the word means in this context?  Can I define this word in my own language?  (Totenkopf? Well, it’s actually the emblem on the German cavalry rider’s hat which then became synonymous with the hat itself).


If I am mis-pronouncing a proper name - do I know who they are or what they did or what they look like?  If it’s a brand name - have I heard other spots with that name?

(Fage, Llaollao, Siggi’s Dairy and Frucht Quark are all yogurts.  Dannon, anyone?)


What is this disease I’m supposed to say?  Is it named after a person? Or is it named after the area it’s afflicting? (Crohn's Disease is named after gastroenterologist Burrill Bernard Crohn.  Hence the possessive).  


If the word is in Elvish or Swedish or Spanglish or “whateverish” - what are other words that I might have heard of? (The name of the Elves’ language was repeatedly changed by Tolkien from Elfin and Qenya to the eventual Quenya).


Comprehension makes a big difference and can only add confidence.


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


May 8ht and May 15th: Commercial Critique Workshop  Details here!


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