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I’m gonna go back on my own word here.  


If you have work - real honest-to-god “I got paid money to do this thing” work, I think it’s possible to put together your own audiobook demo and not have to pay someone like me to do it for you.  


See, I was asked about an audiobook demo by someone who had recorded a fairly large number of books under a few different working names. Some of her earlier work was, shall we say…  (Oh, heck with it) - she recorded dirty books.   


Look, almost everyone I know who gets into audiobooks records erotica first, alright?  Especially if they read on the younger side (but within the age of consent, please) and are willing to read “stories of forbidden love” or “tales of secret desire”. She has also now recorded YA and nonfiction (this is important, Gentle Reader.)


So - this very nice person, of unimpeachable character, BTW said to me: “I’ve never made an audiobook demo. I’m being asked for one.”  


I advised her to excerpt from her finished work about 4 different excerpts. A non-fiction piece, a genre piece, something where she was in conversation with another male character and something she was proud of. No sex scenes and nothing raunchy - (unless you want to keep working in that genre - if so, rock on!) Make the pieces about a minute or two each.  


Then I advised she record the name of each book, the author’s name and maybe a chapter heading and edit those between the excerpts. With some judicious editing - (and maybe some feedback from a few friends), she’s got a demo!   




Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


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