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VO4TA: Headphones

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VO4TA: Headphones


I had a friend ask me about a mic for his kid’s podcasting setup.  Kid is 9. (Nine).  As in not in double digits, nine!  (All comments about my “aging rapidly” will be now be ignored.  We all get older one day at a time, pal. Fine. Good.  Going on, now…)


One point I made to my friend.  “No matter the USB mic you get for your kid, make sure you get them headphones for recording and don’t let them just use their iPhone earbuds.”


I suggested either the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro or the Sony MDR-7506.  Not so much as a particular endorsement of either piece of gear.  Don’t get me wrong - they’ve each been industry standard for a long time. And the price is right. They’re about $100.00 each.


But there’s something in the psychology of being about to monitor yourself using an over the ear headphone that I believe is very useful.  Anyone learning to use a piece of equipment at any age is going to struggle a bit. And a kid struggling with gear will especially turn them off to the idea of using technology.  A quality set of headphones designed for that purpose will ease that learning barrier no matter your age.  


So, are you in double digit age and setting up your own audition rig? What goes over your ears will make the learning easier.  


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


May 1st and May 8th: Commercial Critique Workshop  Details here!


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