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Dad and I just got back from the Hudson Valley.  You really should be jealous of me, Gentle Reader. Storm King. Nyack.  Newburgh.   It’s not Paris or Austin - but it is just SO great!   


When I travel with my Dad we are in a hotel about 6 PM each night.  Usually a different one, unless we have plans in the same area the following evening.  And as we watch TV, I always listen to the commercials. (Occupational hazard).  


This time around I realized something;  national commercials with larger production budgets tend to focus on the emotional life of the person using the product sometimes at the expense of the product itself.  This can go as far as the product name never being used in the voiceover.

On the other hand, local commercials (smaller budget, lower production costs) tend to focus on products and solutions rather than feelings.


Writing this, it all seems obvious (and of course there are exceptions) but it made me think that actors are used for big commercials now more than ever because of an actor’s ability to make an emotional connection to a story.  This is something an announcer “sound” alone can’t ever achieve.  




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