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VO4TA: I just want to...

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VO4TA: I just want to…  


Bit of frustration on my part - but more puzzled or perhaps bewildered…     


If I wanted to produce “low cost voiceover demos” for a living - I probably could.  Why?  Seems like there’s a market.  I have had many actors who study with me talk about their friends who want to “try voiceover” and “just make a demo” to “see what happens”.  And if I was of the type to take advantage - I probably could clean up.


To me, their friends sound like people who don’t want to work hard.  Or practice.  Who don’t want to understand their type. Or learn about market. Or the business of voiceover.  People who are afraid of technology.  Or people who are intimidated by the fact that there is a bottom starting point you need to build from.


“Just want to see what happens...” is an excuse.


Please add any other euphemistic phrase you like.


And no, Gentle Reader -  I am not “speaking from privilege”.  What does that mean when I say it?  I mean that I remember vividly the exhaustingly steep curve that I had to climb to understand voiceover as a business, an industry and an art.  And I’ve never seen ANYONE in the time since, come into this work never having done it and succeed without doing very hard work and doing that work humbly, comprehensively and sometimes blindly while knowing, yeah, it just might not pay off.


(Breathe, Hugh.)


I teach actors because they have a foundation of skill.  Breathing, articulation, speech, script analysis, emotional awareness  - all of these skills and more.  And my responsibility is to provide tools that allow an actor to apply those hard earned skills (and as actors you understand those skills are VERY hard earned) to the world of commercial voiceover.  


And if the part is there, the casting is right, the hard work is done, the stars align, (and dozens of other things fall into place) - the rewards can be, frankly, breathtaking.   


But you have NO chance to succeed if you “just see what happens”.


End rant.


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Sorry about the grammar and structure problems. My 7th Grade English teacher wasn’t very good.   


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