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VO4TA: Never lie.

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Last class of March!

Commercial Critique Workshop:

Monday March 27th! (5 seats left)


VO4TA: Never lie.


Years ago a young actor suggested I write about this idea: “Actors are very territorial of the information they have and won't give it away, but actors are equally as territorial of their ignorance. They don't want anyone to know how much they don't know. Thus, they keep their mouths shut and forfeit their opportunity to learn (in order to seem) in-the-know. Silly actors. We're so stubborn sometimes.”


If you do not know something - what is gained by faking it?


It goes hand in hand with HPK Voiceover Rule 14: Do not lie. (You will be caught.)


You should never misrepresent yourself to anyone.  Even a little lie can make things worse.  It’s so much easier to trap someone if they tip their hand by claiming knowledge rather than by their admitting ignorance.  


Don’t ever say: “I have” if you have not.  If you have no professional experience you can demonstrate skill.  If you have no representation, you can display a professional demeanor.  And if you have never worked, you can practice.


What are you missing out on by not asking the honest question?  “I don’t know the difference between a promo and a commercial.  What are they about?”  “I’ve never listened to a voiceover demo - what are they like?”  “I don’t know what to do - but I’ve heard about this voiceover thing. How do I get started?”  


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


He likes questions (especially in classes) and takes them at any time.  If you write - he’ll probably answer them on the blog.


Monday March 27th! (5 seats left)

7pm Comm Feedback Class


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