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VO4TA: Omit

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VO4TA: Omit


Know you are being put on notice…  


If you are called to read a dialogue script of any kind - only submit your read.  Even if you read with someone else - submit only your voice.  Not a helper.  Not your Mom  reading the other role.  Not a coach reading the lines.  Only YOU reading your lines.  


Why?  I suspect it’s expediency.  Less time listening to someone else.  Also - they’re not going to read as good as you are (probably).  And to avoid any kind of confusion.  


And frankly, it’s so easy to edit out someone else - there’s no reason to leave someone else in there.     


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


He has directed thousands and thousands of auditions and has actually read with an actor on mic three times.  And with every new audition that ratio becomes smaller and smaller.  He’s very pleased with that fact.

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