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VO4TA: Pet Peeves

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VO4TA: Pet Peeves


You can tell my class schedule has started up again - because folks are asking me this question again in various forms:  


ACTOR: What bothers you that an actor does….  Well, I guess I’m saying, when an actor comes in to audition for you - are there things you don’t like that they sometimes do?


HPK: You mean - what are my “pet peeves”?


ACTOR: Yes, that’s it!


You know - I’ve never heard the phrase “pet peeves” anywhere except parodies of High School yearbook photo captions…


Quickly here are a few:  


  • Seeing an actor on the phone when they are called to read and were already told they were next.


  • Smelling like too much of anything when you come into the booth (perfume, sweat, cigarettes, Shake Shack Burgers, whatever….)


  • Not having prepared the script because you were talking to your peers (I mean, really? But still, it goes on.)


  • Asking: “Do you have anything before we start, Hugh?”  If there was confusion, something unclear, a strange pronunciation, sure. But a really open ended question like that?  If it were any other kind of audition would you ask that question? Perhaps, but what does it say about you and your work?


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


He’s considering writing an etiquette book after the voicevoer book.  “Unless dining in a moving vehicle, the napkin is first placed upon the lap.  But there are exceptions... ”


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