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VO4TA: Political Thinking

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VO4TA: Political Thinking


“Politics is show business for ugly people” - Roger Stone


“He’s got a face made for radio, with a body to match” - an old voiceover truism  


There are (at least) three things you can do in a political that you can't do in any other kind of commercial read:


1. Be both sarcastic and condescending.


2.  Be angry without having to be funny about it.


3. Attack the competition. (They are called “attack ads” for a reason).


Between the Citizen's United Supreme Court Ruling and the record media spending in the Georgia Special Election this past June - there is no doubt money will continue to be spent on Politicals with no sign of slowing in 2018.  


So - I've resolved to develop a Politicals Feedback Class.  Maybe in the same format as the Commercial Feedback Class but focusing on political copy? Perhaps with an additional listening and analysis  component because the sound is extremely specific? It’s still in the nascent stage (only planning) - but now is the time.  


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


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