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VO4TA: RE Singing

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VO4TA: RE Singing


04/11/17 I wrote: To all my VO folks out there -  have you ever auditioned to sing on a commercial?   



“Hi Hugh- ”

“Funny you should 7 years of auditions, never. But in the last 6 months, twice. First one was a last minute audition (agent: "they're going to 11am, can you get there?") and so I didn't read the spec carefully, I just grabbed my coat and bolted. The last line of the spec? "He must be quite a good singer". Ugh, I am not. I tried, the casting director was polite, but they wanted an operatic version of Home On The Range.”

“The other called for the announcer to spontaneously join a chorus of angelic aaaaahhs at the end of the spot. This one went better - hold a note? I can do that.”


“Yes! And I booked it!”

“They needed a 'Missy Elliot vibe' haha. Was one of the best and most fun sessions. I was in Nashville so I remember calling my Dad’s friend who owns a fancy studio for musicians and getting 10 free minutes. I went in the booth and gave 3 takes super differently.”


“Sure. Usually for non singer who can carry a tune. I once booked a radio spot playing my guitar like a kids entertainer singing eensy weensy spider for Orkin.  Also as grandpa fox in the Reader Rabbit learning DVD doing a Lionel Barrymore impression. They auto tuned me. It happens.”


“I've been asked to sing in commercial vo auditions quite a few times over the years... most recently, a Coca Cola spot wanted me to sing Ain't No Mountain High Enough. I booked the demo and recorded at the advertising agency.”


“Around the holiday times there are singing commercial auditions for holiday songs - parodies of the 12 days of Christmas, etc.


“On occasion I've been called for an audition in which they've had us sing a tag line, but in my opinion, those are always very strange - it usually seems like they don't know what they want and are looking for inspiration generated from the actors.”


“Hi Hugh!  Really enjoyed the class last month.  Thank you!”

“I'd told a creative I worked with on a demo that I sing. She said they might be looking for a sound like mine on an upcoming singing project for a similar brand--so she put me in touch with someone else at the agency. He sent me the modern version of several songs they'd chosen and asked me to interpret them in a different way. He wanted me to record them from home, keeping them as raw-sounding as possible. They didn't end up going with the campaign (with me or anyone else) at that time. But I keep hoping, maybe someday. :-)”


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


May 1st and May 8th: Commercial Critique Workshop  Details here!


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