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VO4TA: Summer Reading

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VO4TA: Summer Reading


Gentle Reader - I downloaded SimplyE for the NYPL System about a month ago.  And not only will never visit a physical library again (kidding)  - I absolutely will make a donation to keep programs like this one going (truth). It lets you check out eBooks with your library card! (What?) Genius!


Between this, Netflix and takeout, why would a boy ever leave home?  And not just public domain stuff, they have Times Best Sellers, New Non-Fiction, Business…  I mean come ON!  You read about a book at a site like or and then check it out for FREE on your phone!  And as an additional benefit I have reduced my Amazon wishlist by at least a third!  


For the purpose of our usual conversation, I’d like to recommend three books:


So Good They Can’t Ignore You - Cal Newport


ReWork - Jason Fried


Cold Calling Techniques - Stephen Schiffman


These books look at success at work in specific ways - respectively: 1) developing valuable, satisfying skills through a workman’s approach, 2) thinking creatively and outside of conventional business practices and 3) seeing sales as a targetable and achievable mathematical formula. All accessible reads and very entertaining!  


No links to Amazon or author sites. Just get them used, out of the library, Goodwill - somewhere cheap.  All worth it.    


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


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