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VO4TA: The Guts

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VO4TA: The Guts


I admire the guts it takes to be an actor.  The courage to live the awkward tangled-up lives that result from the decision: "I want to be a  professional actor. A working actor."


Telling the truth while living other people's lives and emotion and narrative. But always exposing the bare breast of your own honesty and vulnerability.


The willingness to live in uncertainty. To say: "I don't know where (insert your need here) is gonna come from".


The geographic constraints.  "NY, LA or Chicago.  My picket fence in Peoria will wait!"  Knowing that security and love and the safety of those things are often put on hold.


Not knowing what the next day or week or hour will bring.  And learning quickly that the glamour of that notion reads much better than it lives. (But sometimes... Oh, Man, sometimes it's the BEST!)


Understanding that you always need people on your side.  Collaborators, scene partners, coaches, management, agents, representation, friends... While living the fact that no matter how much they believe in your talent it's still up to you (and only you) each and every day: "Yeah - encouragement is nice; but it's still my ass out there."


And the men born with the "special voices" get the auditions (but they all sound the same). And only the prettiest girls get called back (while the filing cabinets are full of the prettiest girls).  But it's all okay - because, hey! You're one of a kind! And you know you're completely replaceable.


And just so you know - the term for the tension caused by all those contradictions is cognitive dissonance.  Say it aloud… “Cognitive Dissonance.”  Again, please... That’s it!  Good.  But you can take heart! It's status quo for labor everywhere in America now!  So - you're not alone on that score.


And still...  




Still, with all of the above (and whatever you tell yourself at night to make sense of it) a little spark inside of you turns your face upward and a sentiment like this reaches out to you:


"A voice said, Look me in the stars

And tell me truly, men of earth,

If all the soul-and-body scars

Were not too much to pay for birth." ***  


So, you ask yourself: are all the "soul-and-body scars" worth it?  


Well, are they?


So many of you have the guts to say "yes" every day, it never stops giving me hope.


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


*** A Question by Robert Frost


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