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VO4TA: Three of a Kind

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VO4TA: Three of a Kind


Threes are in a lot of places: “Father, Son and Holy Spirit”, three branches of government, the strength of the triangle in architecture, a group of three atoms in the covalent bond H20...


Pull ten random pieces of commercial copy and you will find groups of three maybe eight out of ten times.  But they can be very different...


Ex 1:  “All the research.  All the effort.  All of the time.”   Obvious.


Ex 2: “You get the best in TV, internet and phone services.  Without the sticker shock.”

Also obvious.


Ex 3: “The only one that relieves pain, reduces swelling and protects skin by delivering…”  In the verbs, but more subtle.


Ex 4. “Free your skin.” A three word tag.  


Ex 5.  “Save money. Live better. Walmart.”

Three ideas; first a pair, then the brand name completes the group.


Ex 6: “In delicious beef, chicken, turkey and garden veggie flavors”  A group of three plus one more, just to keep it interesting.


Ex 7: “Kills 99% of germs without that can cause plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath without the burn of alcohol...”  Instead of three and “just one more”, this is three “but NOT this one”.


Ex 8: “For women.  For girls. For just about anything.” You would never hit “for” here…  That’d just sound weird.  But the trio itself is obvious.

Find them and read them well.  But don’t try too hard - understand them first and they’ll usually take care of themselves.   


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Trios also point very well towards the Golden Ratio.  But that’s a whole other post.  


Monday March 20th and

Monday March 27th!

7pm Comm Feedback Class


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