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VO4TA: Transition

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March 2017 class dates!

Commercial Critique Workshop:

Monday March 13th (6 seats left)

Monday March 20th! (7 seats left)


VO4TA: Transition


The good news is that we have grown!  And to speak to that growth we are are in a state of transition here at VO4TA.  Hence the strange messages in your box from email services you have never heard of.  


This is all in an effort to make these bi-weekly missives more readable, shareable and lovable!  Like a cuddly  little…  oh, I don’t have a cute metaphor for it.   Just put up with us for a few days alright?   The tech gods will smile upon us shortly and all will be improved.  Sorry if it’s a little bit strange at times.  We’re working on it.


For now - if you live on the East Coast, the March VO4TA dates are up.  The Commercial Critique Workshop is going like gangbusters!  


This is the “mid-level class” or the “I think I could be good at voiceover and want to try” class.  It’s also good for actors who have taken some kind of longer voiceover class (an 8 hour overview, perhaps) and want to focus on developing their commercial read.  


It consists of both individual feedback and hearing the work of others - a very powerful combination.  


March 13th and March 20th.  7 to 9    


Take a look.  Link  


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


He thought of saying “a cuddly Sehlat” but that’s a super obscure Trek reference and is meaningless to the general population.


Monday March 13th and

Monday March 20th!

7pm Comm Feedback Class


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