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VO4TA: Voice vs Read

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VO4TA: Voice vs Read


HPK VO Rule No. 2:  Voiceover is far more about your read and much less about your vocal quality.


I hear many more actors with unremarkable voices work day in and day out than actors gifted with great, unique voices.  Truth.


It’s probably math:  there are a lot more people with normal voices than exceptional ones.


However - I’ve never heard anyone with an exceptional voice who didn’t know how to act sustain a career.   Sure - maybe book something…  but it never lasts.


Yes, there are announcers who only announce, but they are SO few and far between.  And can they really act?  You try to sound engaged, excited and genuine while reading network promos and not be able to reach into your own emotional life.  Won’t work.


Voiceover is acting - no matter what your gifts are.




“A face made for radio.”  That was what one VO announcer said he had going for him.


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


Monday March 13th and

Monday March 20th!

7pm Comm Feedback Class


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