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VO4TA: A Reader Question

A question by a reader - and not just any reader.  John Florian runs Voice Over Xtra and has been kind enough to syndicate my column on his site!


"Hi Hugh!  I continue to enjoy your blogs, and quite often they hit home. Question about your recent one about the mic sweet spot and headsets. Are you suggesting wearing a headset when actually recording an audition or spot, too? Or, just to find one's voice? It's a controversial topic!"


Now, I am not aware of any controversies around the topic, so I can’t comment in so far as that.  (As always, YMMV.)


I have gone on record saying that we do not speak in the real world the way we do on mic. Therefore there is a learning curve for anyone who wants to develop VO skill.  


And when I talk to actors who want to learn voiceover I stress that time and attention must be paid to wearing the headset to learn technique (technique includes being on mic, knowing what your mic position does to the recording color, eliminating plosives and other things).


And I also understand the need to analyze and understand what you as an individual bring to the read of commercial copy (which is what my commercial voice over class discusses in detail).


So - should you wear the headset when recording and auditioning copy?  


I say absolutely.  And you also must learn to deliver the most natural, most personal read you can while wearing the headset.  And to learn how to create that personal, natural read - you may have to practice without the headset and then add the headset later.


But yes - the goal is to deliver your best read with the cans on.


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The headset can be off to develop the personal read.  The headset is on to do the work of recording.  And the goal is to do the two together seamlessly.  


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