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VO4TA: Failures in Execution

Most failures in execution are failures of comprehension.

Sometimes actors find a moment where they just can't get over a phrase and it becomes a stumbling block.  Every time it arrives on the paper, they will flub it.  Or swallow it.  Or say it without conviction or veracity. They are saying the word or phrase correctly but it just doesn't sound natural.  

This is where vocal technique fails and comprehension (analysis) can succeed.

First understand those two or three words are an incredibly small portion of the overall copy.  3%?  Even less?

Then put those words into your own words.  Paraphrase that moment and the other words before and after it.  

Perhaps an awkward drug brand name becomes:  "The diabetes control drug called (NAME) being marketed toward seniors in this campaign..."   Or a difficult proper noun becomes: "The Greek Ambassador just before the Kennedy Administration whose first name was (X) and last name was (Y)..."

You get the idea.

Mastering the pronounciation becomes simpler because you have made the context your own.  Now the sound of the challenging moment that you have trouble getting out of your mouth has a space to live in that you understand and can become more like something you say every single day.

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