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VO4TA: On Mic VO

My original URL for this blogging thing was  

(I still own it.  I'll let it die in 2015.)

I like VO4TA better.  

But being on mic is really the thing.  Literally and metaphorically.  

Metaphorically - you need to be "on mic" to do the work. Present.  In the process.  (Yeah.  Too esoteric.  One reason why I dumped it).

But literally - it is yet another reason to wear the headset.  

After I position a mic for a developing voice actor, I will have them move around left, right, up, down and have them hear the differences.  

And then I'll specifically explain that everything they just heard had everything to do with their position relative to the microphone.  Not anything to do with any kind of adjustment of levels, Eq, etc.  

It has everything to do with their bodies and the mic.

And the very best at VO work understand where that sweet spot is for themselves and they home in on it like a hummingbird to nectar.  

Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at

Never underestimate how personal the technique of this work really is.  And how much time is required to master it.  



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