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VO4TA: Online - No. 1

If you mess up online you will be caught because no matter what we would like to believe, the internet is forever.  And the very first place people go to see what you are about is onto the great, wild web.  

So - No announcing what you auditioned for.  No bragging about bookings. No talking smack about the work.  Not just because you threaten your ability to be hired, but it’s just declasse.  

And no plagiarism.  

Yes, gentle reader, VO4TA was plagiarized.  Our content was copy pasted under another byline.  A reader took the time to let us know.  (I probably never would have found out myself.)  And I’ll admit I was flattered.  But after the blush faded - I was not so flattered anymore.  

“So, did you do?” - I hear you ask.  Well, I deployed my Chief Operations Officer to let our feelings be known on the matter.   Here is her letter...      

Dear XXXX,

It has been brought to our attention that some identical material from our blog has made a special appearance in your own blog posts on your website and on your LinkedIn. However, this material seems to have been uncredited.

We are more than happy to share our blog for free with our readers and with the world wide web, however common courtesy and federal law require that when material is copied verbatim from another source that it be properly credited. 

We see that you have recently taken your blog down, but we do ask that in the event that you reactivate your blog, you kindly cite with any material that you have copy and pasted. If you have any further questions on how we would like to be cited on your website, we are happy to answer them.

The voice over community is spread far and wide between NYC and LA and everywhere in between, and we are all lucky to have the internet as a tool to unite the members of this community and facilitate ongoing education and conversation about the craft. Let's use this tool with care and play fair.


Annalee Hurst


I felt her response was just too good to languish hidden in a plagiarizer’s inbox.

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