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VO4TA: The Body

When an actor reads for me in a booth (a class, a demo session, an audition, coaching - whenever) I have a habit.


I don't look.


I believe that we hear with our eyes as well as our ears. And the product I am creating with an actor is purely audio.  So I do my best to concentrate on that as much as possible.  More often than not - (unless I'm following a script) I even close my eyes.


But that does have a drawback.  


Because I do not see the body of the actor at work in voice over, I am less likely to comment it.


But I'll try and speak about it now.  


There is a life to the read that is only generated in the voice by a body in motion.  Arms flailing and extended.  Torso shifting and rotating.  Legs planted and supportive almost like a boxer or a dancer to give the body it's freedom to move while the head is in a focused position on mic.

I really can't craft an analog of what it looks like.  There's really nothing quite like it.  But it's almost being attached at the mouth while the body is completely in motion.  It's a weirdly beautiful combination of natural organic motion and an unnatural posture.  


So - I am saying that the body informs the read and you must master how much motion you need to make the read happen without getting in the way of the recording itself.


This comes with time on mic while wearing the headset.  


Hugh P. Klitzke blogs at


It's a pas de deux for you and the microphone and the recording is the dance the two of you make together.  


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